Over the last decades robots have revolutionized manufacturing, increasing productivity while relieving workers from heavy and monotonous tasks. Now it’s time for the construction industry to see the benefits of digitalization and automation.

Build-r takes existing and proven technology from other branches of industry and introduces it onto the construction site.

Build-r’s drywall-mounting robot works alongside skilled carpenters, relieving them from the most strenuous tasks. Our mission is to let robot be robots and let humans do what they do best!

Using robots to unlock the night shift


We don’t sell robots. Build-r is a specialized drywall contractor. We install drywall for commercial large scale construction companies.


Walt-r is a unique autonomous robotic system designed specifically for drywall installation.

Walt-r is battery powered and houses intelligent navigation algorithms that allow it to move safely around obstacles and people on the construction site. The system is equipped with a novel tool that both lifts and fastens the board to the stud wall.


Read about Build-r in Global Utsikt
Global Utsikt, the Swedish chamber of commerces' export magazine wrote an article about Synerleap and Build-r. The full article can be found here: https://globalutsikt.prenly.com/481/Global-Utsikt/76985/2018-06-21/3673339/BYGGANDE-ROBOT-SKAPAR-BATTRE-ARBETSMILJO
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Ericsson Garage
We are happy to announce that we have been accepted into Ericsson's startup incubation program under Ericsson Garage. We look forward to the coming 6…
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Build-r in Byggvärlden
Read about Byggvärldens visit in our laboratory here: https://www.paperton.com/shelf/reader/magazine_id/40651/whitelabel/byggvarlden-2/uid/1126398/token/1e4d227b2232f3055d321dd55be7a60bda855bb4#page/4
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Smart Built Environment
Build-r has, together with NCC and ABB, been granted funding through the strategic innovation program Smart Built Environment, which is a part of the strategic…
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Presentation for Veidekke
At Veidekke’s internal VDC conference Andreas Söderberg, CEO of Build-r, held a presentation regarding our vision of robotics and digitalisation within the construction industry. ​
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Our aim is to increase productivity by introducing machinery that can work tirelessly for hours on end.

Our robotic system unlocks the potential of night shifts and the option to utilize the two thirds of day when the construction industry is at a stand still. 16 additional work hours every day. An increase in schedulable project time with 200% from the industry praxis.

Build-r’s solutions are developed in collaboration with our partners 



We are always on the lookout for partners interested in pushing boundaries in construction and automation. Contact us!