1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
Build-r is developing the world’s first automated system for drywall installation. One Build-r system is meant to reach productivity levels comparable to the output rate of 70 journeymen carpenters. Build-r also unlocks the potential of night shifts to utilize the two thirds of day when the construction industry is standing still today.
​​​The Build-r system uses reliable system components that have been developed for decades, and are used in a wide range of industrial settings. To start, we are looking to serve the market of drywall installation in large residential and commercial construction projects and the aim is to start testing prototypes in full scale during 2017.
Not only is the Build-r system fast and reliable.
By utilizing the night time for construction, each project day gets 16 hours longer.



Build-r’s aim is to start offering installation services in 2019. The system is currently in technology development. It is a non-intrusive system that will be beneficial to all workers on site.
Build-r’s Management Team, Board of Directors, and Scientific Advisors possess deep technical knowledge and ample entrepreneurial experience. Topped with management background in construction, the team is ready for the task.
Build-r’s digitized drywall installation service promotes Supply Chain Management initiatives never seen before in the construction industry. We are looking for partners throughout the value chain of drywall.